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Mick Nadin & Dave Cook Invent process and developed it under the company name Plant Test Services Limited
Robin Walker acquires Plant Test Services. First overseas contract in Portugal. Quantiflo logo trademarked
Plant Test Services Limited begins trading as Quantiflo
Quantiflo Ltd Completes its first air ingress survey of an Air-Cooled Condenser
Quantiflo completes its first air ingress survey of an Energy from Waste plant
UK Patent granted to Plant Test Services Limited. US patent granted in following year
Formation of Quantiflo Limited by A J Walker

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All types of thermal power stations contain a large system which is maintained at vacuum.

The vacuum system is prone to developing air leaks which often exceed the capacity of the vacuum maintaining air pumps and cause loss of vacuum.

Any impairment of this vacuum causes loss of efficiency and a consequent increase in the amount of the greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide, emitted for each unit of electricity generated, to the detriment of the environment.

What We Do

Quantiflo Ltd. carries out engineering surveys to assist the power station operator with locating air leaks in the vacuum system and thus improve power station efficiency.

The surveys are carried out using the well-established technique of tracer gas leak detection where helium, an inert, non-toxic gas, is introduced into the vacuum system and detected at the air pumps enabling leaks to be located and flows to be measured.

The work is carried out on-site by a two-man team and normally takes between 3 – 5 days to complete.

The business was established in 1995 and the current directors have been involved with carrying out this work for 20 years and 14 years respectively and have worked on more than 50 power stations.