Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can you accurately measure air flows inside vacuum pipework?

A. Yes, we can measure air flow in pipework by use of a helium dilution technique that allows us to accurately measure how much air is being drawn from any system that is under vacuum or connected to the condenser

Q. Can you find air leaks under lagging or in remote locations?

A. Yes, leaks can be found almost anywhere by using our proprietary helium leak detection equipment

Q. Can you find air leaks on steam ejectors and assess steam ejector performance? Are they working to design?

A. A large part of our remit lately has been looking at why steam ejectors may not be performing properly or finding air leaks on the ejector pack themselves.

Our helium dilution technique allows us to have a unique insight and understanding of how exactly the ejectors are removing air from the system and whether this is in line with their design capacity

Q. Can you help to improve efficiency by reducing condenser back pressure and/or by taking out from service air removal plant that may be in service needlessly?

A. If a Power Station is running with a higher back pressure than normal, the station may be requiring the use the of additional air removal plant to maintain a steady back pressure allowing the unit to keep running.

As these hogging ejectors can be very loud and expensive to run continuously, Quantiflo can help to try and resolve this issue by findings air leaks on the unit. This in turn may reduce the unit’s overall back pressure to within design allowing any extra air removal plant to be taken out of service.

Q. Have you worked on different types of thermal Power Stations?

A. Yes, Quantiflo Limited has worked on Coal, Gas, Biomass, Energy from Waste and Nuclear Power Stations.

Q. Does the unit have to be on in order for Quantiflo to conduct an air ingress survey or leak search?

A. Yes, the unit has to on and ideally generating megawatts. This is to allow the steam flow to draw our injected helium gas throughout the system enabling us to carry out our air flow measurements and our proprietary helium spray technique.