Air Ingress Surveys


Proactive maintenance allowing Quantiflo to identify air leaks before they become a serious issue. Usually conducted on an annual basis for many of our existing clients.

Quantiflo has a vast library of knowledge and 20 years’ experience assisting us in drawing up a comprehensive schedule of items to test when on site.

Carrying out baseline measurements allowing us to quantify any existing air leaks. Using these measurements to refer back to in any subsequent surveys helps to build a picture of the losses due to air ingress over time.

Pre-outage surveys help to identify leaks that can be rectified in the ensuing outage. Also generates a set of baseline measurements that can be compared to readings made in a post-outage air ingress survey. A comparison of readings can help to solve any issues that may occur upon return to service.

Measurements can be done on the air removal section of each row or street on an air-cooled condenser (ACC). This service can help to confirm or allay any suspicion that an air leak may be located up on an ACC.